The Modern Myth

Think back for a moment to when you were a child. I assume that most of you, like me, were told stories before bedtime by your parents. Some of the stories you may have loved and some may may have scared you silly. Whether the classical myths of the Greeks & Romans, or our more modern western ‘fairytales’, they all follow much the same moralistic lines.


What is a myth?

A myth is a metaphor for life. It is an ancient method of human teaching that dates back to prehistory when elders told stories around the fire. Myths activate our imaginations and expand our sense of what is possible in the world. They exist in the interface between our human unconscious and conscious, between our fantasies and daily reality. They originate from our personal and collective beliefs about how we see ourselves, others and the world around us.

When we use the word ‘myth’ what comes to most of our minds is the classical myths of ancient cultures like the Greeks, Romans and Celts. However, through anthropological studies we now know that almost every human civilization across the planet has its own myths and stories about how the world came to be, the heroic deeds of its people and the reasons behind the disasters that it has experienced. When we look through our modern industrialized, scientific eyes the links between the myths of old and our present culture can initially be hard to see.


The modern myth

However, the modern myth is very much alive & well, and exists as the basis of everything we see around us in our daily lives. From the heroic tales in our movies, to the ‘hero / villain’ mentality of our media, and even to the narratives of competition and domination in our businesses, the modern myth is operating at every level of our human experience. The triumphs of ‘rags to riches’ stories, the relentless need to build up & then to destroy celebrities, plays itself out on the front pages of newspapers across the globe every day. In every society, to a greater or lesser extent, those with the most influence are choosing the stories that people are receiving.

The simple truth is that, depending on how we perceive what we are told, the myths can inspire us into new ways of thinking and acting, or scare us into holding back and limiting our selves within the safe confines of old habits. The good news is that, all over the world we are starting to see people challenge the old myths that have driven global leaders and society for the last few centuries. We are starting to realize that we can rewrite our human stories to change the course of our society and our future.

Beyond Human Stories exists to address the shifting and changing modern mythology head on. In working with individuals and organisations to help shine a light on their existing myths, we can then move into a space of becoming the conscious ‘writers’ of our stories. We can empower people to change their narratives into new, happier endings for themselves, those around them and the world itself.

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