How People Feel About Beyond Human Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. All the websites out there will tell you that they are great!

But here it’s true! Many people walk away from our work feeling changed for the better and more able to change their stories. Here, in their own words, are some comments from our clients and participants.

  • Deborah Platz
    General Counsel, Nemours Children's Hospital

    “Genevieve has such an amazing spirit that allows people to really connect to the lessons she imparts. Self reflection is never easy but during our session with her it seemed cathartic and energizing. Allowing oneself's to just "be" instead of worrying about wearing whatever "mask" they think they are supposed to be portraying is also a gift she has. I still feel energized by our workshop and excited about life's possibilities if I keep telling myself not to fear them. ”

  • DuffyGerry_1674

    Gerard Duffy
    Senior Vice President of Technology, Sky Deutschland, Munich

    “I have had the good fortune of knowing Genevieve for approximately 3 years and having her support our management team on the challenges of Culture Change and establishing a Continuous Improvement program. In addition I have also had the great privilege of her supporting me one-to-one as a personal executive coach. Working with her has been, and continues to be, a tremendously rewarding experience, through which I have been able to develop both personally and as a leader. The resulting changes have directly led, in myself and my management team, to new levels of performance. Understanding and feeling the power from authenticity, trust, honesty, integrity, self-confidence and awareness has led us to challenging our limiting beliefs and changing behaviours.

    What is different about Genevieve is how she has supported me and guided me along this path of discovery and development. She has an amazing ability to take the seemingly most difficult of your points of pain and guide you step by step to unlock the issue, see the bigger picture and the true impact it is having on you and those around you, see your role in it and the reality you are creating for yourself, see how it is up to you to change that reality and give you the self belief to do so. As you will understand, developing that awareness in oneself is infinitely more powerful and permanent than following any prescribed management theory.

    Genevieve has a real lust for life, she is a vibrant, energetic and fun person to be around who puts everyone completely at ease. If you have the opportunity to work with her you are very fortunate, seize the opportunity.”

  • Vinay G

    Vinay Gulati
    Information Security Architect, Accenture

    “Genevieve is a gifted storyteller. Genevieve Boast’s session on the art of storytelling was an emotional and rewarding evening. With her as a guide I was able to analyse my life’s story and understand how it was influencing the decisions I make today. She highlighted the importance not only of the story of my journey so far, but how I write the next chapters. By understanding what it is in our stories that has brought us to where we are, we can alter how we are writing them, making the brave and unique decisions that ultimately lead to a powerful leadership tale. It was fantastic to hear Gen’s story, and how sometimes the most defining decisions of her life were leaps into the complete unknown; a powerful lesson for us all. At Spinlondon we value Genevieve as a partner because of her passion, leadership and the impact as a social catalyst.”

  • Jo Blissett

    Jo Blissett
    Careers Advancement Manager, Coventry University London Campus

    “We have been working with Genevieve and Beyond Human Stories for the last three years and she has spent time listening to our thoughts and ideas how we can support and help develop our students and staff. She has delivered workshops covering building confidence, identifying and working with personal values and beliefs, cultural awareness and valuing difference, approaches to leadership and goal setting/achieving objectives.

    Her workshops are always highly interactive, thought provoking, encourage reflection and often inspire participants to try something new or do something differently. Gen’s personal style is warm and approachable allowing participants to explore new ideas and challenge themselves and their thinking. We have consistently received fabulous feedback on Gen’s sessions and we look forward to continuing to work together to help develop our students and staff and would recommend her services to all. ”

  • andy_dalby-welsh

    Andy Dalby-Welsh
    Programme Director, Cricket for Change

    “Our partnership with Genevieve Boast has benefited both the Development Team at Cricket for Change and the young people we work with. Genevieve's ability to engage our team and the young people we work with is really having a positive impact in what they are able to achieve. She focuses on the positive and the controllables within people's lives and ensures we all aspire to achieve in a positive direction. This is incredibly important to the young disadvantaged people we work with as they will regularly be told how little they can expect to achieve due to their life situation. Genevieve's skills along with our contact with thousands of young people a year makes our partnership a very exciting prospect and one that can really make a difference to young people.”

  • Paul Drapson
    CEO, Christian Aid Organization

    “It was a really nice change and inspiring to listen to this leadership seminar. I am personally excited by the fact that Genevieve has a passion for unleashing new leaders and she is totally committed to bringing the best out of people. I believe people like Genevieve are great assets to businesses and can be a massive support to non government organisations like ours.”

  • Nick Burrows
    Trainer, BSkyB

    “I got a huge amount from this course – The material was delivered with an easy style that feels much more like a stimulating conversation than a training course, and Genevieve is clearly both very knowledgeable about her subject and passionate about the development of her delegates. I reckon anyone would see great results from working with her!”

  • Rahul Patel
    Senior Brand Manager, The Mileage Company

    “Thanks for what was a thought provoking event. It was great to hear Genevieve's story which is inspiring in itself in terms of what we can achieve by being human! I think the work she is doing is terrific and makes a real difference to those who need it and even those who don't realise they need it!”

  • Karen S

    Karen Smithson
    Senior Consultant, Threehands

    “It's rare for a one-day workshop to make such a difference to your world – Genevieve's masterclass is brilliant. Her expertise in people development stands out a mile and is a must for managers, leaders, teams, organisations and of themselves in getting the best out of their people and in fact, their lives. It is a rarity to experience a course that blends emotional intelligence, energy, leadership and communication within the context of high performing businesses and teams. Really worth the investment of time and energy. Totally energising and inspiring. Thanks.”

  • Lauren Anne Rae
    Young Enterprise Fife

    “Genevieve Boast is such an inspiration. Her talk at the Young Enterprise Fife Awards was simply awesome and endlessly positive.”

  • Scott Charlton
    Regional Manager, BSkyB

    “The time spent with Gen has been brilliant! I have learned a great deal about myself and my relationships with others whilst developing a toolkit to deal with other areas of my life. Gen's unique engaging style, warm personality and authentic caring nature combined with sessions in outdoor locations in amazing surroundings create a jaw dropping experience... and its a laugh too!”

  • Nikki Fford
    Personal Assistant, BSkyB

    “You cannot help but be inspired by Genevieve Boast in her enthusiastic and energetic delivery. Her belief system is so strong and she delivers with such humanity, easily connecting to those around her. She's very accessible and doesn't hesitate to relate her experiences - all very encouraging to those who want to make a real change but cannot quite see how.”

  • Kathy Reid

    “I have had sessions with Genevieve both via Skype and face to face and have always found her so easy to work with and had very meaningful and helpful results. She works gently with great humour and lightness of touch but powerfully providing amazing insights into how to progress on a whole range of issues. Following sessions with Genevieve my confidence, energy levels and self-belief have increased enormously. All in all Genevieve is Gentle, Genuine, and Genius!”

  • Fiona D

    Fiona Dunkley
    Therapist & Life Coach

    “I loved my one-to-one coaching session with Genevieve. When I work with her I feel re-energised. She creates a wonderful warm and vibrant space that I revel to be in every time I work with her. Her passion and energy is contagious, full of growth, insight and connection with the higher universe. She is intuitive and caring in her approach. I would recommend working with Genevieve on a one-to-one level and in groups. She creates the possibility of growth and change in each and every one of us.”

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