Genevieve’s Story

Born a wild mountain child in Colorado, I moved to Cambridge England when I was 6 years old. Despite my loving family, I chose a tough, isolated childhood and starting taking drugs at the age of 12. In a constant search for connection, significance  and acceptance (via various rebellious forms), I ended up being arrested at age 17 for petty theft. It was my wake up call. I decided that ‘enough was enough’ – from that day on my life would become a search for true purpose.

After University my formal career began in the media and entertainment industry at age 22. Early on I was confronted by a choice to live in my integrity. Having discovered the company I was working for had stolen £1m of my customers stock, I chose to follow my intuition and, despite my fear of losing my first job and credibility, tell the truth. It was an ugly few weeks, but living in such integrity made my heart sing. I made the decision to leave the company and, in the best Karmic tradition, I was promptly offered a great new job working  for BSkyB. Immediately I found myself  working with bright souls from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and mindsets. I became an experienced coach, trainer and public speaker, gaining qualifications in NLP, Business Management and Lean Six Sigma. Using these skills, I worked within the fields of continuous improvement, leadership development and the charity sector for several years. In 2010  feeling it was time to strike out on my own, I left the media industry and founded my own social enterprise. Emergency Happiness (cool name !) worked with people and organizations across the world, helping them to tap into their potential and live the lives of their dreams. Like so many of us however, I knew there was more and it was then that Think Love called to me. For much of 2012 I acted as their Global Ambassador, helping to show people how to lead lives of love and authenticity.

As my story has unfolded, I have learned how to ‘really’ walk my talk – to lead myself and others from a place of integrity. I now make it a habit to always leap off the cliffs that life offers me into the potential of the unknown, having the courage to ‘show up’ in the world beyond social conventions. I also pride myself on being one of life”s adventurers, and an insatiable optimist.

Now an experienced leadership coach, facilitator and trainer, I am putting my energy into Beyond Human Stories, an organization that reminds people of their natural ability to live by their own rules and to write their own unique leadership stories. I spend every day working to create new worlds and new stories within business, education and communities across the world. And I love every minute.

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