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Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories

Once upon a time there was a woman who believed she could change the world. Slowly but surely, by following her imagination and rethinking the stories that she had been taught were ‘true’, she did !


Welcome to Beyond Human Stories

Beyond Human Stories was founded by me (Genevieve Boast) in 2013. Its vibe and mission are a direct reflection of my own evolution and journey in life. Beyond Human Stories exists as a reminder that in our journey of life, we are the storytellers of our own personal narratives. We play many roles in life – mother, father, leader, colleague, friend, lover, warrior, child. Rarely do we realize that we have the power and potential to evolve beyond the stereotypes we are taught by our society, our education systems and our family values. Rarely do we recognise that the stories we create about ourselves, those around us and the world in general are often not ‘true’. Rarely do we believe that the stories can always be rewritten. And yet it is ourselves, and only ever ourselves, who hold the writers pen.

My desire in Beyond Human Stories is to act as a guide, coach and trusty side kick through the journey of life, connecting individuals and organizations to their bigger purpose and story in the world. My aim is to help people re-write  the existing stories that do not serve them in order to create a new and more sustainable human mythology.

We stand at an exciting turning point. The time has come for us to see through the old stories and challenge the status quo in life, leadership and education. To co-create a new story that is based on collaboration instead of competition. To create new chapters based on true ethics and ‘doing the right thing’ instead of egoic, out of control  power-based agendas. Ultimately, to create a new human story that will becomes a better way of relating to, living with and doing business in, our global society.

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