Mythic Journeys

Everyone comes to a crossroads: its up to you which path you choose and what story you write

Its that nagging feeling in the middle of the night when you wake. The ever-present mild anxiety that you are not where you are supposed to be or that you are walking along the wrong path. The pull deep inside that tells you that you are not living the life you know you could be or making enough of a difference in the world. Familiar? Instead of waiting, ignoring and burying these feelings perhaps its time to stop, listen and discover the clues that lie deep inside you. The clues that point the way towards the biggest story that you are capable of living in the world. The story of who you are as a unique and glorious human being.

Are you ready to act on your discomfort?
To write a story of potential instead of mediocrity?

Each journey is unique in its flavor and vibe and we invite along a host of experts from our tribe who are masters in the fields of storytelling, healing, sacred intimacy and alchemy. Check out the trips we are running this year and see if any light the spark of curiosity within your heart.

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