Coming Full Circle

Personal story and myth coaching journeys

One to one life story coaching - We journey together to become aware of and rewrite your core life stories, bringing them into a new place of growth and authenticity for you. Using the Hero’s Journey as a basis, we work to understand the threads of your personal mythology. By the end of this journey you will have enhanced your skills of self-awareness, learnt about conscious story creation and become more able to really live your new myth in a congruent way.

Personal retreats - We travel into nature, engaging and playing in a number of exercises designed to surface your soul’s true purpose so you can embody this back in the world. This can be linked to the Life Story Coaching above or completed separately as a catalyst for your further journey.

Around The Fire

Group storytelling workshops and seminars

Group storytelling workshops and seminars - We come together in groups and share our personal stories and myths. We look at the links to the larger human narrative within which we are currently living and are able to see where this is no longer serving us. These sessions allow us all to experience both our similarities and differences, make new choices and write new stories to live in a way that makes us feel proud of who we are.

Mythic Journey's - We gather together, exploring the elements of our human stories and personal myths within the larger context of I, We and the Planet’s narratives. We spend a period of time deliberately taking ourselves away from the normal world and its stories so we can connect to ourselves, each other and our life mission in a new and more authentic way. By the end of this journey, you will have a sense of the old story you are letting go of and the new myth you are writing. You will also have begun finding ways to bring your unique gifts back to your people and your world in a genuine and fulfilling way.

Leadership Stories

Organisational stories, culture change and transformational leadership

Cultural Analysis & Change Programmes - We spend time in your organization with your people; listening, questioning and observing the overt and covert stories at work. We'll give you the underlying reasons why the initiatives you have ran historically either have, or haven't succeeded. We create you a unique 'pulse check' report showing the impact and key leverage points, working with you to create a new leadership story and cultural change programme that supports real and sustainable growth and evolution.

Creating New Leadership Stories – Working with you and your leadership team, we create a bespoke package to support cultural change and leadership development. (Options include strategy development, interactive leadership workshops, one to one executive coaching packages and leadership off sites and retreats. We'll do raft-building or tree-hugging if that's your 'thing', but we have options that will resonate with every type of team.)

Young Hero's

Youth stories of leadership and transition

Personal storytelling journeys for young people - Working with young people at key points of transition had been a joy I have experienced for many years now. When we are young, key life transitions can be scary and tricky if we have no support in making the leap. Through one to one work, I work with young people to connect with who they really want to become as an adult in the world instead of just following the pressure of the media or social crowd. This helps them build self-confidence and strategies for achieving their own authentic goals.

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