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Kelsey has worked with young people in and out of the classroom for over 8 years. A qualified teacher in Philosophy and Ethics, Health and Social Sciences, and Citizenship, she left UK mainstream education in 2015 to become a mother. A founding member of EarthKind Education, Kelsey has more recently worked with groups of girls and young women guiding them through their adolescence and into young womanhood using nature based practices and experiences in the outdoors.

Kelsey is passionate about equipping young people with the tools, practices and knowledge found through outdoor education to ensure emotional, physical, psychological and social well being and health. In her teaching roles, she specialised in pastoral support of highly vulnerable and at risk young people. Kelsey is currently studying and practicing eco-therapy techniques to help support and guide young people through life’s challenges. She strongly believes in the power of self-care, self-love and the natural world to help combat depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and burn-out.

Kelsey started sharing her lifelong love of nature by leading young people she taught in school on day ventures and longer residential trips camping in the woods and fenlands of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. She deeply treasures the sense of belonging and healing gained by re-connecting to nature and is committed to facilitating such experiences for young people.


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Imogen’s journey has led her to participate in many different experiences in many different places around the world.

At 27, Imogen left UK mainstream education after working for 5 years as a teacher in the secondary sector. Working with some of the most vulnerable young people in our society, Imogen realised that the UK education system wasn’t meeting the needs of the students or teachers’. Stress, anxiety, tiredness, anger, worry, low self-confidence and dysfunction were common traits of both the students and teachers within the school environment. After becoming disillusioned with the system, Imogen set out to discover different ways of seeing and being in the world.

From teaching English in Cambodia and Vietnam (something which she never thought she would accomplish due to her dyslexia), to hiking solo in British Columbia, fighting dengue fever in Bali and participating in silent Buddhist retreats; Imogen’s confidence began to grow. She discovered that confidence is central to living a happy, healthy, positive, and balanced life: confidence in your own decisions; confidence to differ in opinion from your peers; confidence to stray away from the established system; confidence in trusting your own journey.

Imogen’s experience in global learning, secondary education, and teacher training allows her to continue her journey to help young people and adults realise their full potential; allowing people to fully connect with the world around them, without fear, in order to establish positive relationships and become future change-makers within global society.



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