Story Making Services

My biggest ticket to true freedom & happiness in this life was the moment I realized that I was the person who had written and directed my own personal life story. I was the only one who had created and was nurturing the beliefs I held about the world; the beliefs that had in turn created the choices I made at each and every step of my journey. I was the one who had decided on whether my life experiences were filled with love and joy or whether they were remembered as tough, painful bumps in the road. I had a choice. Buy into and relive the core social programmes that were being fed to me via my socialization as I grew up,  or break the mold and connect to a deeper version of me that felt more true. More soulful. More me.

My whole purpose in creating Beyond Human Stories is to walk the conscious story-teller path with those courageous, brave souls and leaders that are ready to embark on the quest of rewriting of their own life and their own personal leadership story. My hope is to be able to assist  in their missions of creating a personal myth of purpose, growth and service in a fast changing world. Any one can tell a good story, it takes a courageous, tenacious person to make a new story in the world. At Beyond Human Stories we have a number of different ways of helping people to become successful story makers.

Whether you are feeling called to evolve and restory your life on a personal level, or as a leader within a wider organization, moving beyond your existing stories is a core part of the transformation process.

Perhaps we can journey together for a while?

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