Detoxing The Heart: Reigniting our passion

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7th – 15th Feb, 2017

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty ‘yes’ to your own adventure”

Joseph Campbell

Living in our chaotic world, we can often forget the wonder and beauty of life. When we are overwhelmed, stressed and anxious we can close our hearts and get stuck in the stories of our past. Yet, the tighter we cling to them, the more we prevent ourselves from activating the new seeds of our potential future.

This journey is for those who are ready to reignite their creativity and inspiration, write a new story and be reminded of the magic of life

Join Rebekah Shaman and Genevieve Boast on an unforgettable journey down the Nile in Egypt, where we will engage our creativity and sense of purpose. We will also use the ancient healing plant, cacao to revitalize and dissolve old blockages around our hearts, showing us the way to re-engage with our lives in a more aligned and healthy way.

You will leave this journey forever changed, carrying memories that will never fade.

This we promise.

Click here for full details of the journey.

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