Sacred Frequencies: Soul Cleansing in Egypt

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Sacred Frequencies

Soul cleansing retreats in Egypt

1st – 8th June, 2016

Deep inside we all have a longing to rediscover and reawaken to the power of our souls. Once we cleanse and clear our being of the physical, mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve us; we awaken to the specific frequency of our unique souls story

Embark on a co-creative soul quest led by Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories and Daniel Spayne, Cosmic Healer and Shamanic Facilitator. Together we will embark on a sacred journey along the Nile in Egypt, to re-member the lost parts of our soul and enter into our own mythic journey to healing.

Immersing ourselves in our personal and collective journey, we will cleanse our bodies, minds and energetic systems over an eight day sacred journey. We will play with powerful story creation and nature based healing modalities whilst simultaneously raising our frequencies through healthy eating, juicing, optional fasting and daily yoga and meditative journeying.

During this co-creative journey you will –

For more information check out the event details here.

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