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Rebirth – A Winter Solstice Poem

Posted on by Genevieve

Rebirth – A Winter Solstice Poem In Service Of The New Story On Earth   As I realise the light within, I … read more >

Sun and Stones: The architecture of light

Posted on by Genevieve

A journey to discover the beauty of hidden Egypt 20th Feb – 1st March 2016 The Invitation Egypt has long been known … read more >

Enchanting The Beloved

Posted on by Genevieve

Take a moment and close your eyes. Think back to a moment in childhood where you discovered something magical; something unseen by … read more >

Changing the ‘career’ story – Plotr Interview with Genevieve

Posted on by Genevieve

How do you start by learning archaeology in uni and end up with a business that helps people tell their life stories … read more >

Helping B Interview with Genevieve

Posted on by Genevieve

Genevieve Boast is the Founder of Beyond Human Stories, its vibe and mission are a direct reflection of her own evolution and … read more >

Walking In Beauty

Posted on by Genevieve

Ever since I was born, I have been obsessed with seeing beauty all around me. Fascinated by the essence of living things. … read more >

Hidden Stories – The People I’ve Met

Posted on by Genevieve

This is a beautiful guest post by my friend Menno de Block Most travelers contend that one of the best things of … read more >

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