Sun and Stones: The architecture of light

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A journey to discover the beauty of hidden Egypt

20th Feb – 1st March 2016

The Invitation

Egypt has long been known around the world for its ancient heritage and magic; with a culture that is in vibrant transformation, it is truly a wonderous place to visit. Communities are starting to reconnect to their heritage in new ways, using this as the foundation for a new social story of collaboration and interconnection. The New Hermopolis Center was built for precisely this reason, in order to connect the old with the new and invigorate local communities into flourishing centers of creativity and culture.

In addition to the impressive temple complexes and mythology, Egypt is also hailed as the birthplace of the ancient practice of alchemy. The very process of transforming ‘lead into gold’ and darkness into light. This journey will offer you the opportunity to experience both the ancient and emerging Egypt. The journey starts in Aswan where our experienced local guides will collect you and accompany us all the way to the completion of our journey.

We will travel together for 11 days, spending most of the time on the legendary Nile on board a beautiful Egyptian Dahabiya sailboat.

We will visit the main sacred temples of Egypt and end the tour with a 3 day stay at the New Hermopolis Retreat Center. Here you will be able to visit the beautiful antiquities of Middle Egypt including the famous Amarna site, the breathtaking Middle Kingdom tombs at Bani Hassan and ancient Hermopolis. In addition to this, having a relaxing time at the unique retreat of New Hermopolis after the long journey through Egyptian history and culture. The stay at New Hermopolis will give you an opportunity to share in this innovative social enterprise and its mission of highlighting the redeeming nature of the heritage of this region to humanity and how it can be particularly relevant to the developmental needs of the local community.

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