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Posted on by Genevieve

Heart and soul made of light Fell to earth to experience the dark beauty of human night Childlike teacher, full of awe … read more >

To trust or to worry?

Posted on by Genevieve

I woke up a few mornings ago, sweating and racked with anxiety. I had been having bad dreams. Different dreams all night … read more >

Playing your story

Posted on by Genevieve

I have recently become fascinated with how human beings create and bring to life our stories – how we are able to … read more >

Jumping into the darkness

Posted on by Genevieve

First you think, Thinking is safe – no one has to know what is going through the privacy of your head Then … read more >

Sowing the seeds of a new story

Posted on by Genevieve

We have reached the end of the 2013 chapter. The final words have been spoken and the last sentence written. Perhaps you … read more >

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