The Courage of Whistleblowers

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What gives individuals the courage to whistle-blow? Are they traitors or Cassandras? Or are they simply, in the words of business author Margaret Heffernan, driven, dedicated truth seekers, who ‘are not cynics, but almost always start as optimists, not nonconformists but true believers… compelled to speak out when they see organisations or people that they love taking the wrong course’ (Wilful Blindness, 2011). Too often they become the victims of their own integrity, vilified and ostracised. Can they triumph against all the odds?

Please come to meet and hear from two courageous whistleblowers (Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories and Wendy Addison, Creator and Owner of SpeakOutSpeakUp), and the head of the national organization which supports whistleblowers in the UK.

The event is being hosted by Initiatives of Change UK. For full details of the event and to register please click here.

The Courage of Whistleblowers
The Initiatives of Change Centre
24 Greencoat Place
London SW1P 1RD

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