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Come and discover how writing your own leadership story can make you stand out from the crowd

So many of us spend our lives following the path of others. Whether this ‘other’ takes the form of our parent’s expectations, our cultures rules or the ‘ideal life’ as conveyed in the media, the temptation to be accepted as ‘one of the crowd’ is strong. There are many leaders in the world currently who are playing it safe and following given ‘leadership rules’.

Great entrepreneurial leaders however, rarely go where others have been. Often, they overcome their fear of rocking the boat and break out to create their own worlds in business, education and society.

Which type of leader do you want to be?

Are you living your story or someone else’s?

Join us on the 22nd January to answer these questions and many more whilst you explore the key components of your own unique leadership story.

This event is being run with our partners The Spin London Network. To register, please email to

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