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Out of the groove

Posted on by Genevieve

Have you ever had one of those days where you have woken up and feel slightly out of place? A few seconds … read more >

The curse of ‘I’m too busy’ disease

Posted on by Genevieve

Over the course of my life I have had the privilege of connecting with many, many different people. People from different countries, … read more >

I am free

Posted on by Genevieve

I am free The moment I look fear in the eyes And love it into the truth I am free The very … read more >

Lessons from being lost

Posted on by Genevieve

It is a bright, chilly day and I am going out into the forest near my house in Wiltshire to deliberately get … read more >

Chasing our shadows

Posted on by Genevieve

One very often overlooked characteristic of light passing through and around something is that it almost always creates a shadow in its … read more >

10 things I know to be true

Posted on by Genevieve

1. When I discover what I love to do and do it with passionate surrender, I am richer than any billionaire 2. … read more >

Beyond the stories

Posted on by Genevieve

One of the basic human mental patterns we learn from the moment we are born is how to make meaning of the … read more >

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